Public Relations

Jason pr

With competition constantly growing in every industry, in order to be succesful
you have to let your customers know about your achievements. There are a wide variety of ways to do this, either with press releases, catchy news items or by the means of electronic or printed newsletters. But it is not just the quality or method
of distributing these facts but also about who receives them. At Mayes Media we invest a large amount of time into refining our mailing lists in order to ensure that the correct people hear what you have to say.  

Our press releases are also extremely popular in the world of sport where you or your team can tell the world all about your recent successes and have the opportunity to thank your sponsors in a medium that is potential viewed by millions.

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The world of brand management and marketing is a specialty of Geoff. From establishing a new product in the market place to ensuring that your customers, existing and new, are kept up to date with the latest developments, Geoff and his understanding of E-media will help get the message across.

If it's website design, building, hosting and maintaining you require, or if you desire the handiwork of an experienced photographer to capture the essence of your business, produce a company portfolio or stylish brochure then don't hesitate to contact Pete with your requirements.