Black and white conversions

Drag the slider over any of the below images to see some examples of my before-and-after work. Compare a normal, single-exposure photo to the retouched version. If you’re on a mobile device, simply tap the images to see the difference.

Toning down the colour

Processing in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CC

I am very fond of black and white images although recently I am enjoying the conversions to retain just a hint of colour. My technique is to process the raw image normally in Adobe Camera Raw and then open in Photoshop. Here, I add a black and white adjustment layer and adjust to taste. I then reduce the opacity of the adjustment layer to around 75% to show a little of the original colour through. A levels or curves adjustment layer on top of the stack is added to boost (or reduce) overall contrast. Finally, flatten the layer stack and save to jpeg. Photoshop users, try it for yourselves!

This photograph was taken on a Canon 5d Mk3 with Canon 24-70L Mk2 lens.

Wild and Wonderful

A game park within a city

All the images in this set were taken in March 2016 in Nairobi Natioal Park - the only city in the world with a game park within a few kilmeters of the city centre. Lions and rhinos are fairly easily found, whilst leopard and cheetah are more difficult to spot. Buffalo are plentiful as are most plains game. The only absentees are elephants.

All other photographs taken on a Canon 5d Mk3 with Canon 100-400L lens.

Images by Pete Mayes