Who Is Pete Mayes

pete mayes

On the Classic Safari Rally in Tanzania
Photo credit - Marcus Baronet

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Nationality - Zimbabwean
Location - Nairobi, Kenya
+254 (0)728 451762

P O Box 1309
Karen 00502

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It seems like every website has to have an "About" page. I am not going to write much here since this site is to showcase my images and I want them to speak for themselves.

I found an interest in photography back in the mid-70s - my first serious camera, other than a variety of Instamatics, was a Minolta SR-1 - a fully manual SLR which didn't even have a light meter. This was an optional extra! I used this for many years with varying degrees of success and failure and for some while I had my own darkroom for black and white film processing and printing. Photography took a back seat during the hard days of sanctions on Rhodesia and, latterly Zimbabwe, when luxuries were hard to come by.

Then, along came digital and my interest was renewed. My first digital camera was an amazing 2Mp Canon Pro-1 - yes, all of 2 megapixels! But I had a lot of fun with that little camera and eventually progressed to the 450d, 50d and currently the fabulous 5d Mark3 along with some of Canon's best lenses.

But...I am not as young and nubile as in years of yore and, of course, interests change. I can foresee turfing out all this heavy DSLR kit and downsizing to the new fashion of amazing mirrorless cameras like Fuji or Sony, which sacrifice little to image quality. I need to lighten the load and also I would like to do more "street photography" - a genre that is hard to do in Nairobi. An older guy like me with a big DSLR around his neck walking around urban Nairobi is very likely to cause trouble, cost money and may even be illegal. But nobody seems to notice what appears to be a little point 'n shoot as a serious camera so hopefully I might get away with not being mugged or arrested!

My photography

pete mayes

In Kisumu
Photo credit - Imran Zakaria Bagha

I like to think I can be a jack-of-all-trades in photography and enjoy the challenge of tackling new genres.

As you will see in my portfolio, there a several catagories. I have done a LOT of motorsport work but have decided to omit this from my website as my interest wanes for various reasons. Petrolheads will be disappoinnted!

I am willing to take on most assignments as long as they are not too strenuous - I don't want to fall down on the job!

Video is also taken care of by teaming up with my good friend and colleague, Deepak Sankreacha - a very talented videographer.

All the images on this site are available for sale. If you like something and can see it hanging on your home or office wall, feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. It may not be as expensive as you think!

There are a lot of images here. I don't expect you to go through them all in one sitting so I encourage you to come back again and again to share the love!