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October 2013 - Guru Nanak Rally - Singh is King!

kisumu rallyBaldev Chager, or Baldy as he is known to the rallying world, has been a stalwart of rallying for many years. And for most of the past decade he has always flown the flag for Subaru. However, after over three years of Mitsubishi dominance Baldy finally triumphed on the opening round of the 2013 championship… winning in Kajiado at the wheel of an N16 Subaru…. He then promptly sold the car, bought a Mitsubishi Evo X and has since dominated the series… three wins, a second and three third positions gave him the title with a rally to spare!

kisumu rallyIt’s hard to say which of his 2013 successes was his finest. Baldy might consider either his maiden Safari win, or the victory on the Guru Nanak which sealed the title as his best memory of the year, but for me it is probably the Kisumu podium. Baldy fought back from the lowly reaches of the top ten after a puncture to clinch third position on the very last stage! (He even beat us by one second, depriving us of the stage win!)

kisumu rallyAnd as always, there isn’t only one person in a rally car! A lot of credit must go to Ravi Soni as well. The pair only teamed up in January and it obviously works – seven rallies, seven podiums!  Well done guys, we know how tough the season has been for everyone and so Raaji and I salute you!

And our rally? Don’t ask – Raaji worked tirelessly to get the car ready, as always. I had sorted everything out in camp to ensure that my workload and mind were clear. I flew to Nairobi on Friday morning with my rally head in gear…. And then, just 24 hours later, when we were supposed to be on recce, I was on a plane back to Amboseli!!! For reasons completely out of our control we couldn’t do the rally. I know how gutted I felt (still am feeling) but can only imagine what Raaji must feel – the guy really does wear his heart on his sleeve!

We make a great team and are already focusing our efforts on 2014 – we have some exciting plans but need a few things to fall into place to make them happen… stay tuned!