About us

Hello and welcome to the online home of Mayes Media.

With the advent of technology worldwide people and businesses have become accustomed to having their every need attended to with just the click of a mouse. As demands and expectations grow so the industry must move forward.

At the forefront of this new technology, affectionately referred to as e-media, is Mayes Media. With a number of years experience under our belts and having already gained an enviable reputation for producing stylish and yet functional e-products such as websites, online magazines and a host of marketing and design options Mayes Media is your one stop shop in the world of marketing and promotion.

Having worked in the high octane world of motorsport media where deadlines are critical we have established a method of producing high quality goods that are both up to date and eye catching in a relatively short time frame.

As well as catering to the needs of businesses across the globe Mayes Media has an in-depth understanding of the world of photography. From the glamour of weddings and portraits to commercial projects and the adrenalin of action and wildlife photography both Pete and Geoff are happy to discuss your individual requirements and develop a package to suit both your taste and your budget!

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The world of brand management and marketing is a specialty of Geoff. From establishing a new product in the market place to ensuring that your customers, existing and new, are kept up to date with the latest developments, Geoff and his understanding of E-media will help get the message across.

If it's website design, building, hosting and maintaining you require, or if you desire the handiwork of an experienced photographer to capture the essence of your business, produce a company portfolio or stylish brochure then don't hesitate to contact Pete with your requirements.